current life

In 2018, I started a few e-commerce business, tried building up a few brands, sold a local store for a small profit.  

In 2019, I flew to a few countries, rubbed shoulders with a few amazing thought leaders & giants in the entrepreneurship space. Some of which I call mentors. That was my seed germination – inspired, in awe, at my highest peak.

In 2020, that was when the COVID-19 pandemic hit. I pivoted into doing marketing in the real estate space. 

In 2021, I was discovering myself, questioning my purpose in life. Multiple ‘lows’ and a few ‘highs’. A journey of self-discovery. Invested more heavily in stocks & real estate. 

In 2022, decided to explore real estate formally, and understanding what it means to be Jehovah’s servant. Building up my relationships with long-lost friends, and forsaking mammon, turning my eyes to what really matters in this world.

Last update: 31 Jan 2022