Early life

As I kid, I took up literally anything & everything just for a quick buck. Nail painting service for Filipino cosmetic helpers at my neighbourhood, marking up pens I bought from Giant for $1 profit to my Primary schoolmates, or giving out flyers in the scorching hot sun in CBD. 

  • P3 offer manicure service – $5/mo 
  • P6 selling pens in class – $10/mo
  • Sec 2 door knocking selling cookies to HDB aunties – $50/mo
  • Sec 4 “scamming” people on the streets for raise-funding donations – $50/day

After I graduated from Secondary school and transitioned into tertiary education, I took up close to 5-6 different jobs/ gigs thus far.

  • Customer service officer, Gogovan
  • Cashier, Banquet 
  • Part-timer, DBS Bank
  • English tuition teacher, Self-employed
  • Digital marketer/ Media buyer, Self-employed
  • Apprentice, Success Resources
  • Branding consultant, Self-employed
  • Real estate investor

My hobbies

Questioning life’s purpose. Occasional life existential crisis. Also, for the last 7 months, I’ve been exploring whether or not I should adopt Chinese Metaphysics. Also, figuring out if I should believe if God exists.

This endeavor consists of watching documentaries, asking friends if they’ve had any out-of-the-world// near-God experiences, and bombarding strangers that prescribe to similar philosophy with interrogative questions with the possibility of scaring them off.

I am 70% close to finding my answer. To be continued…

UPDATE: God is real.

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